Lisa Podlecki, BSc, RD

Hello! My name is Lisa. I am a Registered Dietitian, food lover, runner and yogi. My decision of becoming a sports dietitian and advocate of ‘healthy at every size’ and an all-foods-fit approach stems from my passion to help people, my love of running and of course, food! 

Becoming a dietitian and competitive runner were never something I envisioned for myself. However, ever since my first nutrition course in university I knew I needed to become a dietitian and from the moment my shoe hit it’s first trail, I felt a sense of happiness and freedom that I never knew before.

Running for me has always been a way to relieve stress, connect with nature and just be myself. I’ve even think of it as a form of meditation at times, where I become so connected with the pace and environment, I forget everything else and just breathe.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

For many years, I struggled with having a healthy relationship with food and my body. I had this constant inner battle to be “perfect” and I noticed the effect these struggles had on my body, my mindset, the things I loved to do, and my social relationships. I was tired of letting food and the scale determine how I felt.


Studying nutrition and physical activity at the University of Alberta, made me realize how important food is for our bodies, for physical performance and for the mind. Through yoga and especially during my yoga teacher training, I became aware of how distorted our views are of our bodies and food. Seeing food as more than just nutrients or calories and the body as more then just a weight to obsess about, became liberating and turned into a relationship full of gratitude and happiness versus one of obsessiveness, guilt and shame.

However, once I began running more competitively, I felt like my energy levels, strength and endurance could be better. I found myself tired or hitting the wall halfway through workouts, fatigued during the day or getting frustrated for not noticing a difference in performance despite training several times per week.  

This is when I decided to get serious about sports nutrition.

Through self-study, additional courses and becoming a student in the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition, I became a stronger and healthier athlete

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If you are wanting to know more about why a dietitian might be the best person to help you meet your nutrition goals, our qualifications and regulatory body, check out Eat Right Ontario and College of Dietitians of Alberta

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Just a bit more about the steps I took to help you ...


  • Current student of the International Olympic Committee Diploma
  • B.Sc. - Nutrition and Food Science: Major - Nutrition; Minor - Physical Activity
  • Four-Day Specialized Education Intensive Sports Nutrition Course (Dietitians of Canada)
  • Eating Disorder Education for Registered Dietitians (course)
  • Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians & Professionals (symposium)

Sport Nutrition Experience

  • Worked under the guidance of sports dietitians at the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary   
  • Worked with several players of the University of Alberta Golden Bears football team
  • Provide presentations to sports teams

Active Memberships

  • Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CDSPA)          
  • SIGMA Nutrition & Performance                                                                                 
  • Sports Dietitians Australia                                                                           
  • Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sports (PINES)                        
  • College of Dietitians of Alberta                                                                    
  • Dietitians of Canada - Sport Nutrition Network   

Nutrition Experience through Media Outlets                                                            

  • CBC Radio                                                                                                            
  • YEG Fitness Magazine
  • Running Room Magazine

Why the Name Oak Tree Nutrition?

Coming up with a name for my company was fun but definitely challenging at times! I wanted something that people could remember, but also something that had symbolic meaning. 

Okay, so if began on the premise that I REALLY LOVE NATURE. The trees, tranquility, smells and self-awareness it brings. Not to mention, an escape from the every day hustle, social media and emails! It's a place that reminds me just how wonderful life is, where we come from and keeps me grounded. 

Not to mention, the trails are one of my favourite places to run and hike!

So...naturally, I had to include it in my name!

Looking at the symbolism behind the oak tree, it represents courage, strength, endurance, healing, and health. While that may seem like a lot of things for one tree to symbolize, these are all qualities that I admire and believe everyone has–whether they believe it or not!

I think it takes courage and strength to make changes towards living a healthy and balanced life that contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing. As a result of this journey, healing occurs, and health becomes habitual and sustaining. 

Similar to the oak tree, I envision nutrition and health in a similar way. Like the roots of the oak tree, reputable knowledge of nutrition provides the strong foundation. Just as the oak tree needs water and nourishment to sustain growth, we too need to provide adequate food and water to the body. With a proper foundation we can become strong and able to cope with the challenges life might bring. The branches of the oak tree are long and windy, similar to the paths many of us take in our lives. Each branch symbolizes a different journey of self-discovery. Like the oak tree, the journey is not perfect, not symmetrical. It's beauty derives from the past it has been through, the present environment it lives in, and the goals it strives for. 

Whether you are an athlete or someone who is looking to live a more balanced life, having a strong foundation and guidance along the way is essential towards achieving your goals. And that's where I can help. It's what I love to do.

Fill out an application and book a free 15 minute call.
This call will help us get to know each other better, see if we are a good match
and will give you an opportunity to ask any questions.