How to Eat to Fight off Colds and the Flu - Part II


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with laughter, delicious food and great company!  As we slowly get into our regular routine and plans for the New Year, talking about nutrition and food seems like the right place to start! 

With nutrition, balance is always key.  And while I fully endorse having a few of your favourite treats this time of year (or really anytime of the year), making sure you include healthy options is important. Your mood, gut and immune system will all thank you. Not to mention, going into the New Year healthy and energetic seems not only sensible but downright cool!

Part II of this blog focuses on specific minerals that help strengthen our immune system and keep germs where they belong (outside of our body).

Also, don’t miss out on some great meal and snack ideas at the end of the blog! Nothing better then putting theory into practice! 

Found in a variety of foods and helps strengthen the immune system. We only need a small amount everyday for good health. Good news is, most people get enough through their diet!


* excludes women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Do not take more than 40mg her day


* Think the size of two white erasers for cheese.


Acting like an antioxidant in the body, selenium helps keep the immune system working!



* Think of the size of a deck of cards for meat servings.

Putting Theory into Practice: Snack and Meal Ideas

Happy New Year! 

Keep those immune systems strong,
xo Lisa